Friday, October 07, 2011

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Day 7 - Fred Mandell

When Fred Mandell started his BIF-7 story, I immediately thought of the French artist and sculptor Paul Gauguin. Reinvention is not a prerequisite for innovation, but it often accompanies it, especially with personal transformations.

What struck me about Mandell (similar to Gauguin) is that he was a professional success long before he became an artist. By his own admission, he was a top sales performer at American Express, and seemingly destined for a record-breaking final run and comfortable retirement. Yet he discovered he was an artist when he took a sculpture class on a whim.

There's a certain randomness to innovation. Like the collisions BIF catalyst Saul Kaplan talks about that spark connections, new activities may spur previously unknown inclinations and talent. Fred Mandell knows this and has helped illuminate life change through his art, writing, and speaking.

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This is part of my 31 (More) Days of #BIF7 blog series.

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