Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Day 15 - Len Schlesinger

Here's what was like to hear Len Schlesinger speak at BIF-7:

He comes on stage and acknowledges the audience. While all the other BIF-7 storytellers remained standing while presenting, he looks around for seating. Quickly, he finds a stool and makes himself comfortable. Okay, you think, he wants to dial it down, and this will be a subdued, intimate talk.

And then Len begins speaking -- and it's brilliant and non-stop, one point after another, in succession, with quick segues and turns and you have to work to keep up, but fortunately all those people in the audience have laptops and are taking notes and capturing what he's saying, so you can put your notepad away and just listen, and focus as Len talks about Babson and how they are the the only school that do what they do, with a unique method to be able to impact the world, how there are ten elements of the entrepreneurial experience, how entrepreneurship is becoming a life skill, and how Babson continues to work with BIF and we are all welcome to immerse in the data at

Additional information:

Twitter: @lschlesinger

BIF Profile Page

This is part of my 31 (More) Days of #BIF7 blog series.

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