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Giving Thanks

I always appreciate Thanksgiving and the opportunity to give thanks for what I have in my life. This year, my list emerged differently, as I reflected on the people in my life who on the surface have negatively impacted me but ultimately made me a stronger and better person.

I am thankful ...
For everyone who doubted me and motivated me to double my efforts and prove them wrongFor those friends who faded away and helped me realize that you always need to make new friendsFor those who broke my heart and showed me it's important to feel and love rather than play it safe and never take a chanceFor those who took without giving in return, for teaching me that true generosity means giving of yourself without expecting anything backFor those who put me down, and who made me realize that -- in this world -- self-awareness and self-worth is what really mattersFor those organizations and groups that didn't accept me, for teaching me the importance of perseveranceFor those sports teams I…