Sunday, October 23, 2011

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Day 23 - Andries van Dam

Think about the last time you visited a museum and the painting that most interested you. Now imagine you can view that artwork in a digital display using touch screen technology and pan and zoom the image as much as you want.

Thanks to Andries van Dam, this kind of interactive technology is becoming viable for access in museums and other exhibit spaces.

Andries van Dam enticed the audience at BIF-7 with a demonstration of the software (Microsoft Surface) he and his Brown students are employing to display images the size of "a football field" and zoom in "as close as digitization allows". It was pretty cool and, along with the smaller-scale iPad, a glimpse into the future of display technology.

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This is part of my 31 (More) Days of #BIF7 blog series.

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