Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Day 27 - Christopher Meyer

Talking about the evolution of capitalism seems like a daunting task, even for an innovator. But that's exactly what Christopher Meyer did at BIF-7.

Capitalism is moving, Chris suggested, and the genome is going to shift as emerging economies like Brazil, India, and China grow and begin to dominate the global economic system. Organizations that maximize growth in change over time, Chris suggested, will benefit the most from a new prevailing version of capitalism.

I brought up Isaac Asimov and the Foundation Series in reference to another BIF storyteller, and I thought of speculative fiction when Chris presented as well. Here, it was China Mountain Zhang, by Maureen McHugh, a celebrated near-future novel where America has gone through a socialist revolution, China is the new superpower, and a hybrid of capitalism and socialism has become the major economic system. The future described in the book seemed to fit the evolution Chris described.

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