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Day 14: Best TV Sitcom Christmas Episodes

As I began formulating this Christmas blog series, I quickly realized that I was interested in doing at least one post highlighting famous Christmas-themed sitcom episodes. At the time, I thought it would be easy to pick and prune from existing lists, but I didn't find as many out there as I thought.

So, I've cobbled together my own. Call it my seven favorite TV sitcom Christmas episodes.

Season 9 - December 12, 2002

In this episode, Chandler is miserably spending Christmas working in Tulsa, while the rest of the group is celebrating the holiday back in New York. The episode memorably ends with the gang in NY opening presents, when Chandler opens the door and announces he's quit his job.

I always liked the ending of this one, and its the one and only Friends Christmas episode I remember.

Season 3 - December 19, 1995

Determined to buy his son Frederick only high-end educational toys for Christmas, Frasier learns a Christmas lesson when he discovers that his son just wants a fun robot toy. Fortunately, Martin (Frasier's dad) anticipates this and ensures that the gift Frederick wanted is under the tree.

There have been a number of good Frasier Christmas episodes, but I remembered this one right away. I liked the point about sometimes letting kids be kids.

Season 1 - December 11, 2001

The birth of Jesus is the central allegory in this episode as the staff of Sacred Heart regain their Christmas faith when a pregnant woman gives birth on Christmas Eve.

This early Scrubs Christmas episode was really well done and showed the chops of the young cast.

Season 4 - December 16, 1992

This is the hilarious episode where Elaine accidentally sends out Christmas cards that show her nipple.

I suppose this was less Christmas-themed than some other episodes, but it was so funny that I had to mention it.

Season 2 - December 6, 2005

This very funny episode featured a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, where all the office staff trade gifts.

For my money, The Office's first Christmas episode is still the funniest.

Season 2 - December 17, 1974

In this episode, Richie discovers that Fonzie will be spending Christmas all alone and convinces his father to invite the Fonz over for Christmas.

I've probably only seen this once, when I was a kid, so this is going back thirty years now, easily. But there's something about this episode that's made me think of it periodically through the years. Perhaps it was the image of the tough hipster all alone eating raviolis out of a can on Christmas Eve. As cool as he was, the Fonz couldn't match what Richie had: a family who cared about him on Christmas.

Season 9, December 18, 1997

This is the classic episode that introduced and popularized Festivus, the alternative holiday to Christmas that includes a Festivus pole and practices such as the "Airing of Grievances" and "Feats of Strength".

Ah, a Festivus for the rest of us!

Other Christmas Sitcom Episodes

Beyond what I listed here, in my searching for Christmas-themed sitcom episodes, I came across these sites that listed additional shows, many that I've never seen:

The Best of Christmas Sitcom

Classic TV Sitcom Christmas Episodes

This is part of my 25 Days of Christmas blog series.


  1. Frasier One of the greatest television shows. What I like most about it is funny without using slapstick comedy or cheap jokes to make you laugh like most other sitcoms do. This is the reason I like Watch Frasier tv show.

  2. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Friends is an amazing, funny and unique show. I have seen full show on net. All episodes are very hilarious and interesting. I have recommended this show to all my friends. I am planning to buy Friends Full Episode Guide from net....!!

  3. The Frasier episode TOPS my list. Wonderfully, wonderfully done. My other pics are the Draftdodger episode for 'All in the Family' and the Monkees Christmas episode ending, where they sing the spanish 'Riu Chiu' acapella and with candlelight.

  4. Nice additions, David. Thanks for commenting.

  5. All episode was nice.I saw few and rest of program saw in net.Christmas is always special.

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