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Wonder Woman Now an Option in Superhero Survey

I've added Wonder Woman as one of the superheroes (along with Batman, Captain America, the Hulk, the Punisher, Spider-Man, Superman, and Wolverine) my Superhero Survey assesses and compares you against. Are you a fellow wielder of the Lasso of Truth?

Scrubs Season 9

Here's the official poster for Season 9 (lifted from the Scrubs Facebook page).

Superhero Survey - Updated

I've updated the look and feel of my Superhero survey . Take a look. I'll also soon be adding a few more questions and two more superheroes to score against.

My Wife's iPod

I've recently been borrowing my wife's iPod so I can listen to music during the day at work. (I need to get my own player, but I'm a procrastinator.) While I was wary of some of the artists I might find on the player, I knew that my wife and I liked enough similar musicians (U2, Springsteen) that I'd have enough music I enjoyed to fill a workday. What I didn't expect was that I'd discover a new artist who I'd really liked and end up listening to her songs over and over again. I'd heard of Pink before -- and even remember thinking "Stupid Girl" was interesting and clever -- but I had no idea Pink had released so many powerful and inventive pop songs. Of the eight or ten songs on my wife's iPod, my favorites are "Don't Let Me Get Me" , "Sober" , and "Just Like a Pill" , but I'm eager to listen to her other stuff.

Arthur Goldwag on 9/11

I previously reviewed Arthur Goldwag's Cults, Conspiracies, and Secret Societies here . While I didn't love the book, I sure think the author was dead on in his message and nailed it in his post today at BoingBoing where he refuted key assertions of the 9/11 Truth movement. Goldwag: Some thoughts about 9/11 Truth

New Dr. Sears Post Details Changes to MMR (No More Splitting)

Dr. Bob Sears is the author of The Vaccine Book , an excellent reference text focused on vaccination that provides a balanced view of the subject. While Dr. Sears is pro-vaccination and offers his reasons for that stance, he does recommend and provide an alternate vaccination schedule that differs from the CDC's formal recommendation. Apparently, though, some alternate options originally offered by Dr. Sears are no longer available, specifically splitting the MMR into three separate shots, spread out over a few years. Dr. Sears details this change and the options for parents in a new blog post. Separate Measles, Mumps, and Rubella Vaccines No Longer Available?  What Can Parents Do?