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31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Acknowledgements

To close out this blog series, I wanted to express my appreciation for everyone who's stopped by and provided feedback. Thanks so much. Writing a daily blog post about a different BIF speaker every day turned out be more difficult and time consuming that I thought, and I appreciate the interest. In addition to a general thank you, I also want to call out four people: Sandy Maxey - For all the RTs and mentions. Thanks! Twitter:  @sandymaxey Jessica Esch  - For sharing her wonderful BIF sketches that helped jog my ossifying memory as I was writing the recaps. Twitter:  @jesch30 Amanda Fenton  - For those crystallizing and invaluable mindmaps that captured the essence of each BIF  storyteller and help me refine the posts with appropriate detail. Twitter:  @AmandaFenton Deborah Mills-Scofield  - For promoting BIF like no other and tweeting all my posts. Thanks, ninja fairy god mother. Twitter:  @dscofield Thi

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 +1 - Saul Kaplan

You can't do a blog series about BIF without mentioning Saul Kaplan and the outstanding BIF team. Saul self-identifies as the "Chief Catalyst" of the Business Innovation Factory, but he's much more than that. He's smart, professional, friendly, inventive, and, most of all, always open to "random collisions of unusual suspects". There was a telling moment toward the end of BIF-7 when the audience stood as one to show appreciation to Saul with a standing ovation. Saul looked horrified, but not because he's uncomfortable with public speaking. He's just the kind of leader who would rather deflect praise to his team, or talk about the inspiring stories shared at BIF, or make that next connection with a suspect he hasn't met yet. Thank you, Saul, and thank you, BIF team. The BIF Team Saul Kaplan Twitter: @skap5 Christine Costello http://businessinnovationfactory.c