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My BIF Pledge

I began this post fully intending to sum up my thoughts and reflections about BIF-7 . As I started, though, I realized quickly that it's way too early for me, that I'm still processing all the speakers, ideas, visuals, and -- most of all -- the many new people I was fortunate enough to "collide" with at BIF. So instead of a summing up, I opted for a BIF pledge, or a simple list of things I plan to do before the next BIF event. Get someone who's never been to a BIF to attend next year. Reflect on the speakers, and review their websites. If any of them write a blog, read the blog for the next thirty days. Consider reading any books they've written. Continue the conversations I started with the many people I met at BIF and stay connected. Go through the attendees list (and the Valdis Krebs list of recommended connections) and connect with some new people who, unfortunately, I did not connect with at BIF-7. Answer the questions  Mallika Chopra posed to th

Lebanon, PA (Movie Review)

Lebanon, PA is a well executed mediation on the value and benefits of living in the big city versus a small town in contemporary America. Will is a mid-career ad professional from Philadelphia who returns to Lebanon, Pa. to bury his recently deceased father. As he closes out his father's affairs and spends some time in Lebanon, he discovers to his surprise that the small town life suits and soothes him. He discovers the simple pleasure of mowing a lawn, begins a romantic affair with a local, and questions whether he can live in a small town like Lebanon permanently. Lebanon, PA was an interesting film and I enjoyed the performances and attempt at a nuanced, non-judgmental portrayal of the cultural divide in America. In summary: give this indie movie a chance. My rating: three stars (out of four). You can learn more about the film at the Lebanon, PA movie website or on Twitter @lebanonpa_movie , and watch the theatrical trailer at .