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One of the Faces of Haiti

UPDATE - 2/2/2010 After a trip to Florida to pick up Geoffrey, the Lancers returned to Buffalo with Geoffrey on Friday , January 29. We're so grateful for this happy outcome, and have even had the opportunity to meet Geoffrey. He's a remarkably well-adjusted, happy boy, and my daughter loved playing with him. UPDATE - 1/21/2010 Erin returned home last Friday on the 15th, but without Geoffrey . However, Erin and her husband Mike continue to work with the U.S. State Department to secure a visa to bring Geoffrey to the U.S. Things appear to be progressing well, and we hope to see Geoffrey on our street soon. ORIGINAL POST - 1/14/2010 My family and I are very fortunate to live in a friendly, welcoming neighborhood. We've especially enjoyed residing beside our next door neighbors, a couple named Mike and Erin and their two children. They welcomed us into the neighborhood from the start and have always been great. Lately, they've initiated an adoption for a beauti

Celebrating The Clash

A pair of work colleagues and I were enjoying beers the other night when discussion briefly turned to The Clash and how 2010 is the 30th anniversary of London Calling . We then talked about favorite songs and realized that we all had our distinct, preferred Clash songs. I thought the selections were varied but excellent and wanted to list them here. Note that we did not intentionally all pick songs from London Calling. It just turned out that way, although it shows the depth of the album. The songs: Lost in the Supermarket Jimmy Jazz Rudie Can't Fail