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Technology for the Class of 2025

Check out my guest post on Business Insider. This piece is about the technology kids who are entering kindergarten today will be using when they graduate. Here's How My Daughter Will Be Using Tech To Manage Her Career In 2025

Open Letter to Kevin Everett

Dear Kevin, You don't know me or my family, but our lives are intertwined. You see, five years ago -- on September 9, 2007 -- while you sustained a horrific neck injury in the Buffalo Bills opener against the Denver Broncos, I was sitting in a hospital room awaiting the arrival of my first child. My wife went into labor early that Sunday morning and we settled into a hospital delivery room just before the Bills game started. Though I was more excited than anything to welcome my baby into the world, I was still a devoted Bills fan and kept peeking at the game on the TV monitor in-between my wife's contractions. We muted the volume, but I was able to follow the action and noticed immediately when you went down to the turf. The swarm of medical personnel and the stretcher indicated the seriousness of your injury. You lying there motionless was in surreal contrast to the activity going on in front of me, with my wife's heavy breathing, contractions, and the baby's con

Guest Post on Business Insider

Check out my guest post on Business Insider. The piece was inspired by the film Sideways and is about maximizing network contacts. 10 Tips For Building Strong Professional Relationships