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Earth Day Reading

There are so many books out now focusing on some aspect of the environment, including climate change, sustainability, green business initiatives, and many other concerns. Please share any books you've recently read in the Comments that relate to Earth Day or the environment. In case you're looking for something to read, here are a few titles relating to the environment that I'd recommend: Unbowed by Wangari Maathai Unbowed is compelling the story of Nobel Peace Prize winner and Green Belt founder Wangari Maathai's devotion to natural balance and sustainability. Read Full Review In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan Food may not come to mind immediately when considering Earth Day topics, but Pollan's messsage is as much about ecological sustainability as it is about nutrition. Read Full Review Fruitless Fall by Rowan Jacobsen Fruitless Fall explores the perilous state of honey bees, which in recent years have been dying at unprecedented levels. Read

J.R.R. Tolkien on LinkedIn

Personally, I'd rather connect with Mark Twain or Mary Shelley ....