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Graceling by Kristin Cashore (Book Review)

I don't read that much Fantasy these days, but if Graceling is any indication of what's out there now, maybe I should read more. In the world of Graceling ,  some individuals are born with graces, or heightened talent and advanced skills in various areas, such as archery, swimming, or dueling. Physically, graced individuals are distinguished by different colored-eyes. Of course, some graces are deemed more useful than others, such as the (apparent) fighting grace of the novel's main character, Katsa. The conceit of graces works well as Katsa learns more about her grace as the novel progresses, and she begins to distance herself from those who would use her abilities for their own ends. She also befriends and later falls in love with a fellow graceling, and together they travel to confront an evil king with a powerful and far-reaching grace. Overall, Graceling is very enjoyable and I recommend it to anyone looking for some Fantasy. For a more detailed review, check out