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Scrubs Finale?

I sure hope the episode that aired tonight -- "My Princess" -- was only the season and not the series finale of Scrubs.

If so, it was a bad way to go. First, the episode was out of sequence with the rest of the season 7 episodes and it was definitely a concept effort and not an episode that wrapped up the show or captured the essence of what's made Scrubs great these past seven years.

I wasn't feeling it and hope we get a proper Scrubs send-off.


My Scrubs Finale


  1. Anonymous2:27 AM

    im sure youve heard but the rumor is....and it might as well be confirmed that scrubs will be airing an 18 episode final season on ABC.....this is expected to be confirmed on tuesday may 18th as ABC announces its fall lineup...hopefully this will happen...if not im just as upset as you.....the episode was good.....but kelso's presence was a pretty big continutity error and it feels like there is just way too much left unsetteled...but hopefully on tuesday we'll all get the good new we have one more season to go.

  2. Anonymous10:53 AM

    I was so underwhelmed by that finale! It was so unlike Zach Braff to do the episode that way. I'm really hoping this is a late April Fools' Day joke. What a sad day for Scrubs fans.

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    Hopefully, the last season gets back to the roots of what made this show one of the best in recent times. Quirky humor spread through the sobering stories of human tragedies and triumph is what they have been lacking as of late.

  4. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Not only was Kelso's appearance out of sequence but whats with the apparent out of no where issues with Keith. We haven't heard much about Keith and all the sudden he's back and causing issues?!?! and whats with the lack of Perry and Jordan's second child? We see Jack but no mention of little "J.D." (Jennifer Dylan, I love that he has a JD)... Seems to me like this episode has been "in the can" for at least a short while, maybe it was the abrupt ending they wanted to use when the Strike started and they thought they'd have to kill the series early?!?!? I hope indeed they are moving to ABC I need my SCRUBS!

    -JD Wannabe ("Come on Sasha...")

  5. Anonymous2:11 PM

    That was just an embarrassing mess of a finale and Bill Lawrence shooed make a formal apology to SCRUBS fans. That episode would have been a great mid season episode like My Musical but defiantly not the series finale for a 7 season masterpiece of television genius. That "finale" did play off anything from the pervious episode. Lets cross are finger and hope that ABC picks of SCRUBS and does it right!

  6. Anonymous2:12 PM

    correction should read didn't play off the pervious episode

  7. Whoa - Scrubs nation sure is pissed.

    Fortunately, most of the vitriol is (rightly) aimed at NBC and the indifference with which they allowed Scrubs to end its run on the network.

    As the first anonymous commenter noted, there are strong indications that the show will go to ABC. A recent THR article seemed pretty credible.

  8. Yeah, but what if we were someone who wanted Sarah Chalke to end up being "Your Mother" on "How I Met Your Mother"? <whiiiiine>

  9. Anonymous10:58 PM

    I for one was a little offended by this episode as a Scrubs fan it seems like they slapped us in the face with this "finale". It wasn't even a real episode with no relevance to much that happened in the past and made no sense to the story. I'm hoping with the rest of you but even if ABC doesn't pick it up NBC should at least give us a REAL finale with some closure.

  10. Anonymous10:59 PM

    As a committed follower of Scrubs, I was deeply disgusted over that finale. It . sucked . donkey . balls.

  11. Ranting Nerd, "How I Met Your Mother" can have Sarah Chalke in the fall of 2009, after we get a Scrubs finale of the same caliber as "My Screw Up", the episode in which Cox's brother-in-law, played by Brandan Fraser, dies, or "My Way Home", the Wizard of Oz episode.

  12. Can we get Brendan Fraser back for that finale?

  13. Anonymous9:49 PM

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