Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Scrubs Finale

I was pretty critical of the Scrubs finale, so I thought it only fair that I put up and describe the Scrubs series finale I hope to see next season, when the show finishes its run on ABC.

Here are the major elements I think the finale has to capture:
  • The finale has to bookend the pilot, "My First Day", when Dr. John Dorian (J.D.) clocked in for his first day at Sacred Heart Hospital. Fittingly, the final episode should be titled "My Last Day" and feature J.D. working his final shift.

  • The daydream sequences should include riffs on finales from other shows, like M*A*S*H, Seinfeld, and Cheers.

  • The finale should combine the show's signature broad comedy elements with at least one serious arc. Perhaps the final act on the show should be Bob Kelso (now retired) getting rushed in after a medical emergency and the Sacred Heart doctors scrambling to try and save his life.

  • The soundtrack has to be strong and representative of the pop and indie montages the show has featured throughout its run.

  • Unlike some other series, the Scrubs finale should not bring J.D. and Eliot together. They could have one last roll in the hay, but nothing like Ross and Rachel, please.

  • There has to be a moment of reconciliation between J.D. and the janitor (although there should be no such moment between J.D. and Dr. Cox), and we should learn the janitor's name.

  • It would be nice if most of the extended support cast made the finale. This includes the obvious choices, like the Todd and Jordan, but also some of the lesser supporting characters, like Lloyd, the ambulance driver.

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