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Casting Call

This is one of those entirely self-indulgent and nonsensical posts, but I was wondering who I would want to play me in a movie. Instead of focusing on actors who look like me or maybe have similar mannerisms, I picked actors who I enjoy, are close to me in age, and who I think in various ways represent my personality.

The candidates to play me are:

Zach Braff

Why? He can likely portray my nerdiness while still being funny. Plus, his star is on the rise, so he would be a big box office draw.

John Cusack

Why? With The Sure Thing, Better Off Dead, and the classic Say Anything, John Cusack has already played me, or played a version of myself, just as he's no doubt played versions of countless other men who grew up in the 80s. And this was before he did High Fidelity, and anyone who was the lead in that movie would definitely nail the part of me.

Joaquin Phoenix

Why? The sleeper pick of the bunch, Phoenix brings intangibles and an intensity to his craft that few other actors can match. Plus, he's already shown that he can pull off the biopic role.

Who would you choose to play yourself in a movie?


  1. What, no David Boreanaz? He's even a Buffalo native.

  2. Matt Damon?

    Larry Mullen Jr.?

  3. Thanks, Ranting Nerd, I haven't seen much of Angel or Bones, but I'll assume David Boreanaz would do a fine job playing me.

    As for Matt Damon and Larry Mullen Jr., are you offering them up as additional options to play me, or were you answering my question, who would you choose to play yourself in a movie?

    For you, I think I would cast Greg Kinnear or Clive Owen.

  4. I was referencing my old suggestion that you were Larry Mullen Jr., InFadel is the Edge, and I was Bono, at least for the cover of October. I'm not sure we ever figured out who would be Adam. (Schultz, maybe?)

    Matt Damon for you, of course.

    Clive Owen? You flatter me. Greg Kinnear? Really? Perhaps you've seen him in better movies than I have, but he always seemed a smarmy git to me.


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