Monday, April 26, 2010

Can You Be an Optimist and a Buffalo Sports Fan?

I am an optimist.

I believe that people are basically decent, and I believe in the kindness of strangers.

I feel that despite the immense challenges of climate change, we will all come together and figure out a way forward.

I believe that in the U.S. we will reduce the deficit and eventually make health-care work for everyone.

I sense that my daughter and others in her generation will find new ways to solve old problems.

I know that there really are second chances and people can succeed when they are determined and work hard.

I believe in spring dawning and the promise of a new day.

I suspect that it's not a coincidence that people with a positive outlook have more good luck than their more negative counterparts.

I embrace sport, and truly believe that there's always next year, and next season.

I believe that you play to the end, and keep your head held high, no matter the score.

I resist misery loving company, and never cheer against a team that hasn't won, just so my team that hasn't won has company.

I don't believe in cursed sports teams, and in theory hold that every professional team will break through eventually.

I am an optimist through-and-through, in everything, really, with one exception:

I do not believe the Buffalo Bills or Sabres will ever win a championship. Someone convince me that I'm mistaken.

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