Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A couple of weeks ago -- on May 9, 2008, to be precise -- I had 427 visitors to my blog. This was unprecedented traffic and the highest single day visitor total I've had in all the years I've maintained a website.

Of course, compared to some blogs, like Scalzi's The Whatever, this is a paltry number that he exceeds probably every hour. But in the context of my blog, it was a lot.

At first, I was bewildered by the traffic. While I had published a short rant the night before about the disappointing Scrubs finale, it was a pretty thin post, without much to offer the interested visitor. And then I looked at Google Analytics and saw that nearly all the traffic I received on May 9 came from Google, via various keyword combinations of "scrubs" and "finale". Because I'd titled the May 8 post "Scrubs Finale?" and published right after I watched the episode, I got indexed and caught a lot of traffic from disgruntled Scrubs fans looking to vent about how hard the season finale sucked.

It was an interesting lesson in the power of key phrases and search engines.

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