Tuesday, November 01, 2011

31 (More) Days of #BIF7 - Acknowledgements

To close out this blog series, I wanted to express my appreciation for everyone who's stopped by and provided feedback. Thanks so much. Writing a daily blog post about a different BIF speaker every day turned out be more difficult and time consuming that I thought, and I appreciate the interest.

In addition to a general thank you, I also want to call out four people:

Sandy Maxey - For all the RTs and mentions. Thanks!
Twitter: @sandymaxey

Jessica Esch - For sharing her wonderful BIF sketches that helped jog my ossifying memory as I was writing the recaps.
Twitter: @jesch30

Amanda Fenton - For those crystallizing and invaluable mindmaps that captured the essence of each BIF  storyteller and help me refine the posts with appropriate detail.
Twitter: @AmandaFenton

Deborah Mills-Scofield - For promoting BIF like no other and tweeting all my posts. Thanks, ninja fairy god mother.
Twitter: @dscofield

This is part of my 31 (More) Days of #BIF7 blog series.

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