Monday, September 26, 2011

My BIF Pledge

I began this post fully intending to sum up my thoughts and reflections about BIF-7. As I started, though, I realized quickly that it's way too early for me, that I'm still processing all the speakers, ideas, visuals, and -- most of all -- the many new people I was fortunate enough to "collide" with at BIF.

So instead of a summing up, I opted for a BIF pledge, or a simple list of things I plan to do before the next BIF event.
  1. Get someone who's never been to a BIF to attend next year.
  2. Reflect on the speakers, and review their websites. If any of them write a blog, read the blog for the next thirty days. Consider reading any books they've written.
  3. Continue the conversations I started with the many people I met at BIF and stay connected.
  4. Go through the attendees list (and the Valdis Krebs list of recommended connections) and connect with some new people who, unfortunately, I did not connect with at BIF-7.
  5. Answer the questions Mallika Chopra posed to the BIF audience when she presented.
  6. See the Gotham Chopra film about his dad when it's released. 
For more BIF-7 coverage, check out my 31 (More) Days of #BIF7 blog series or the BIF-7 blog round up at

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  1. Bravo, Frank, I love your list! So wonderful to meet you at BIF7, and looking forward to keeping in touch!