Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (Book Review)

Malcolm Gladwell is like that brilliant, lively guy at the party who is able to articulate and make accessible a number of complicated ideas to a large group of people huddled around. In Outliers, Gladwell presents some interesting ideas, mostly concerned with notions of success.

Gladwell examines both the traditional drivers of success, like hard-work and practice, as well as other contribuing factors, like luck and opportunity, to try and establish some conclusions about success and why some people achieve it and others don't.

Outliers is thought-provoking and worth reading, but it's worth noting that the research is limited and Gladwell tends toward oversimplification. It's hard to fault him too much, though. His natural function and style seems to be to present ideas and problems, not do the research and solve them.

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