Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Fire by Kristin Cashore (Book Review)

Kristin Cashore continues to soldify her reputation as a top fantasy novelist with Fire, an imaginative novel about "monsters" -- beautiful but mutated versions of various animal species.

Fire is also the name of the main character, who is a human monster with the ability to manipulate minds. The book portrays Fire's struggle to accept herself and her extraordinary abilities while helping out a kingdom at war.

I enjoyed the novel and recommend it, but I had a few nits. Specifically, I felt the explicit tie-in with the villain Leck from Cashore's previous novel, Graceling, was forced and unnecessary. It was enough to set the novel in the same world as Graceling without bringing back the character.

Beyond that and a few other small things, though, the book was great, and I look forward to many more good things from this author.


  1. I agree on the nits. But s/Leek/Leck/. :-)

  2. Doh! Nothing like making a mistake when casting stones at someone else!