Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Less by Marc Lesser (Book Review)

Less is a modest book that offers insight and practical suggestions for doing less and sometimes stopping altogether in order to accomplish more and live a richer, calmer, and more satisfying life.

Author Marc Lesser is a business leader and Zen teacher and has managed to bring both of his worlds together in this helpful, valuable work.

Some of the advice is general and to be applied according to individual preference, such as blocking out some time each day to meditate or take a walk. In other sections of the book, the author includes specific instructions for doing less, such as a suggestion to reduce distraction from emails and phone calls by checkcing emails and phone messages only two or three times a day, during prescribed times.

Less is also distinguished by what it is lacking. That is, there are no five or seven steps to success. There's no program or membership to purchase to get the full payoff to the author's message. And there's no cult of personality overshadowing the book's message. I appreciated the authenticity of this little book and recommend it.

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