Tuesday, July 07, 2009


My friend Travis Belrose -- who I have written about previously on this blog -- has launched a new website and blog. In his own words, the site "is devoted to Ishikawa Jozan, Shisendo, and writing" and the blog "focuses on Ishikawa Jozan, Shisendo, and the odyssey of getting The Samurai Poet published".

Best of luck to Travis with his new websites!

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  1. Thanks for the plug Frank. Just to provide a bit of context, Ishikawa Jozan was a samurai turned artist who built the hermitage called Shisendo in the 17th century. I would encourage anyone planning a trip to Kyoto to have a look at my site to see if they can be persuaded to add Shisendo to their itinerary. As for the blog, I plan to add a few entries on popular Japanese tourist destinations as well, so it may prove of interest to a wider audience.