Friday, December 07, 2007


I've posted very little to this blog in the past six months. This has not been due to a lack of ideas, but a failure on my part of follow through. That said, while I haven't and likely won't post anything about any of these topics, I want to at least post about what I would have written about, had I more time, ambition, talent, and will.

So, in the spirit of almost posts and ungestated threads, here is my "Unposted" list for 2007:

Darwin Martin House - I had planned to write something about a visit my wife and I made earlier in the year to the (Frank Lloyd Wright) Darwin Martin House, currently under restoration in Buffalo, NY. Since I didn't, you can learn more about this major renovation effort here.

Paring Down - I have too many books and was going to post about the frightening prospect and process of paring down. Though I wasn't successful in writing about this, I have made progress in paring down my books, mostly through donations and ebay sales.

Siriusly - When we bought our GTI, we recieved a free three month trial of Sirius satellite radio. I was going to talk about the service and why it wasn't for us.

Three Days of Rain - Early in the year, we went to the theater and saw Three Days of Rain (a play by Richard Greenberg). I was going to comment on the play, but have long since forgotten what I was going to say.

Technorati Blog Post - I had planned to say something about Ravenweb's ranking on Technorati.

New Yahoo! Mail - As a Yahoo! mail user, I was going to write about Yahoo's updated webmail, and how I thought it was a kick-ass application.

Superhero Movies List - Not that the world needs any more of these, but I was considering making a list of superhero movies, and calling out the best of the bunch (Spider-Man 2) and the duds (Superman Returns).

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