Wednesday, August 08, 2007


This is long overdue, but I wanted to go on the record and acknowledge the excellent service we received from our realtor when we bought our home.

In the spring, shortly after we learned that we would be expecting our first child in September, we decided that we would buy a home. Enter Debra Sheehan, from Hunt Real Estate, who we had heard about from a co-worker at my wife's company.

From the start, Debra was great. She met with us for an initial consultation, answered all of our questions, and never made us sign a binding document. When we started looking at homes, Debra quickly acquired a sense of what we wanted and directed us toward properties that suited our preferences. Never once did she try and force us to look at a property or steer us away from a house we really wanted to see.

As we expressed interest in specific properties, Debra's knowledge and experience were really apparent. She informed us about the many little things to watch for, talked to us about the offer process, and answered all of our ever-growing questions. And when we decided to put in an offer on a house, Debra guided us through every step of the process and helped us land the property we wanted with minimal fuss or stress.

So, if anyone in Western New York has need of a realtor, we enthusiastically recommend Debra Sheehan from Hunt Real Estate.

Thanks, Debra!

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