Saturday, September 30, 2006

Bush, Civil Liberties, and Comics

Civil War is a 2006 Marvel Comics mini series that centers around the introduction into the United States of the Marvel Universe of a Super-human Registration Act.

The conceit is, a super-powers tragedy precipitates a bill requiring the registration, unmasking and regulation of all super heroes -- signed into law by GWB. Some heroes, led by Iron Man, approve of the measure, bringing them into armed conflict with those who see it as a disastrous assault on civil liberties. Leading the charge against the Bush measure: Captain America.

I haven't read comics in years but I find the idea for this series very interesting and may check this out if it's released as a graphic novel.

Thanks to A. R. Wolff for alerting me to this comic series and for providing the summary that I've reproduced in this posting.

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