Free Books

It's time for me to pare down on books. I often donate books to libraries, but I also like to pass titles on to readers I know.

If you're local to me, I'm happy to coordinate a time and place to meet with you to make the exchange. If you're long distance, I will ship books to you as long as you pay for the shipping in advance.

Allende, Isabel - The Infinite Plan
Amis, Martin - Night Train
Anderson, Chris - The Long Tail
Asimov, Isaac (editor) - The Thirteen Crimes of Science Fiction
Asimov, Isaac - A Whiff of Death
Atwood, Margaret - The Robber Bride
Atwood, Margaret - Wilderness Tips

Bach, David - The Automatic Millionaire
Banks, Iain - Matter
Banks, Iain - The Wasp Factory
Bellow, Saul - The Adventures of Augie March
Berry, Christopher - Human Nature (Issues in Political Theory)
Brin, David - The Postman
Brust, Steven - Cowboy Feng's Space Bar and Grill

Cahill, Thomas - Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea: Why the Greeks Matter
Card, Orson Scott - Hart's Hope
Card, Orson Scott - Speaker for the Dead
Card, Orson Scott - Xenocide
Cherryh, C.J. - The Pride of Chanur
Conrad, Joseph - Heart of Darkness
Conrad, Joseph - Lord Jim
Crane, Stephen - The Red Badge of Courage
Crowley, John - Little, Big

Defoe, Daniel - Moll Flanders
De Tocqueville, Alexis - Democracy in America
Doctorow, Cory - Little Brother
Donaldson, Stephen R. - Lord Foul's Bane
Donaldson, Stephen R. - The Illearth War
Donaldson, Stephen R. - The Power That Preserves
Donaldson, Stephen R. - The Wounded Land
Donaldson, Stephen R. - The One Tree
Donaldson, Stephen R. - White Gold Wielder

Eddings, David - The Losers
Eliot, George - Middlemarch
Eliot, George - The Mill on the Floss
Eugenides, Jeffrey - Virgin Suicides

Faulkner, William - Flags in the Dust
Faulkner, William - The Reivers
Finney, Jack - Time and Again
Foster, Alan Dean - Clash of the Titans
Foster, Alan Dean - Shadowkeep
Fowler, Karen Joy - Sarah Canary
Fu, Ping - Bend, Not Break

Gide, Andre - The Immoralist
Gosling, Sam - Snoop
Guest, Judith - Ordinary People

Hardy, Thomas - Far from the Madding Crowd
Hardy, Thomas - The Mayor of Casterbridge
Hardy, Thomas - The Return of the Native
Harrison, Harry - The Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat
Hawthorne, Nathanial - The Scarlet Letter

Isherwood, Christopher - A Single Man

Jacobs, A.J. - Drop Dead Healthy
Jaffe, Rona - Mazes and Monsters
Jemison, N.K. - The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
Johnson, Steven - Emergence
Johnson, Steven - Where Good Ideas Come From

Kelly, Caitlin - Malled
Kesey, Ken - Sometimes a Great Notion
King, Billie Jean - Pressure is a Privilege
Knowles, John - A Separate Peace
Koontz, Dean - The Door to December
Krakauer, Jon - Under the Banner of Heaven
Kurtz, Katherine - Camber of Culdi
Kurtz, Katherine - Saint Camber
Kurtz, Katherine - Camber the Heretic
Kurtz, Katherine - The Bishop's Heir
Kurtz, Katherine - The King's Justice
Kurtz, Katherine - The Quest for Saint Camber

Lamb, Wally - I Know This Much Is True
Lawrence, D.H. - Lady Chatterley's Lover
Lawrence, D.H. - Sons and Lovers
Larson, Erik - In the Garden of Beasts
Leavitt, David - Family Dancing
Lessig, Lawrence - The Future of Ideas
Lessig, Lawrence - Remix
Lewis, Michael - Liar's Poker
Lewis, Sinclair - Aerosmith
Lewis, Sinclair - Babbitt
Locke, John - Two Treatises of Government

Mann, Thomas - Confessions of Felix Krull: Confidence Man
Mann, Thomas - The Magic Mountain
Maugham, W. Somerset - Cakes and Ale
Maugham, W. Somerset - Christmas Holiday
Maugham, W. Somerset - Collected Short Stories, Volume 2
Maugham, W. Somerset - The Making of a Saint
Maugham, W. Somerset - Mrs. Craddock
Maugham, W. Somerset - The Merry-Go-Round
Maugham, W. Somerset - The Painted Veil
Melville, Herman - Typee
Milosz, Czeslaw - The Captive Mind
Monette, Paul - Borrowed Time: An AIDS Memoir
Moorcock, Michael - Elric at the End of Time
Moorcock, Michael - Fortress of the Pearl
Moorcock, Michael - Revenge of the Rose
Musil, Robert - Young Torless

Nafisi, Azar - Reading Lolita in Tehran
Niven, Larry - The Ringworld Engineers

Ondaatje, Michael - The English Patient

Paine, Thomas - Rights of Man
Pavone, Chris - The Expats
Powell, Padgett - Edisto

Ravitch, Diane - The Language Police
Rechy, John - City of Night
Remarque, Erich Maria - All Quiet on the Western Front
Roberts, Paul - The End of Oil
Ruiz, Don Miguel - The Four Agreements
Russo, Vito - The Celluloid Closet

Schneier, Bruce - Liars and Outliers
Shilts, Randy - And the Band Played On
Shilts, Randy - The Mayor of Castro Street
Sillitoe, Alan - The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner
Simmons, Dan - Prayers to Broken Stones
Stanley, Thomas - The Millionaire Next Door
Stephenson, Neil - Anathem
Stephenson, Neil - Cryptonomicron
Stoker, Bram - Dracula
Sturgeon, Theodore - The Golden Helix
Sturgeon, Theodore - Starshine
Sturgeon, Theodore - Sturgeon in Orbit
Sturgeon, Theodore - Venus Plus X
Sturgeon, Theodore - Visions and Venturers
Sturgeon, Theodore - A Way Home

Thoreau, Henry David - Walden

Varley, John - Titan
Varley, John - Wizard
Varley, John - Demon

West, Cornell - Democracy Matters
White, Edmund - The Burning Library
Whyte, Jamie - Crimes Against Logic
Wolfe, Thomas - Look Homeward, Angel
Wright, Richard - Native Son

Yulsman, Jerry - Elleander Morning

Zelazny, Roger - Unicorn Variations

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